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Empirial Warlord
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Bounty Hunters cont'd
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Grand Admiral Thrawn


One of the Most Dangerous Empirial minds since the Emperor.
Grand Admiral Thrawn was a patron of the arts, and studied it to learn a civilizations ways.
In the waning days of the republic, Thrawn was the commander of a fleet of ships, under the Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet. He destroyed a republic taskforce that was out to destroy a jedi filled Outbound Flight Vessel. Thrawn destroyed it, and returned to Csilla to be judged for his hostilities. Pleading was fruitless, however, as he was banished from Csilla. Thrawn was then inducted into the empirial fleet. And he climbed through the ranks until he was in command of an imperial star destroyer, the vengance. After earning the respect of Lord Vader, and being allowed acess to his private Noghri army, thrawn advanced to the rank of Grand Admiral. That is, when Vader disposed of Grand Admiral Zaarin. After a fruitless campaign to better the empirial fleet and destroy the new Republic, Thrawn was Assasinated by his Noghri body guar Rukh, because of princess leia's sympathies for the species.