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Jedi and Sith cont'd
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Bounty Hunters cont'd
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Durge, the strange Gen'Dai bounty hunter, who was an active member of the Confederacy of Independant Systems. 


Durge was hired to kill the leader of the Mandalorians, Jaster Merell. Though it was sucessfull, he was captured by the mandalorians and tortured. Eventually, he escaped and went into hiding to hibernate. When he awakened, however, he could not enact revenge, for the mandalorians were nigh extinct. He was, however inducted into Count Dooku's ranks, and, became a general in the seperatist army. He was dispatched to secure the banking world of Muunilinst, which he did with an army of IG Lancer droids. When a huge Republic task force was sent to stop them, Durge defended the planet with his army, but was slain in combat by Obi Wan Kenobi.

While his homeworld is unspecified, Durge is a Gen'Dai bounty hunter, who has had a lifespan of over four thousand years. Due to his peculiar nervous and circulatory systems, Durge is very resistant to physical injury. Lacking a central heart, thee Gen'Dai can sustain multiple Lacerations,
and it is rumored that they can survive complete dismemberment. Although human in appearance, the Gen'Dai have a very long life span, and if they receive too may blows, can go into extended periods of hibernation. The would be bounty hunter Durge got his starts two thousand years before the republic's fall. His desire to kill was aided by witnessing bounty hunters in action.
This fueled his desire, and he soon left his tribe to train under some of the most dangerous bounty hunters he could find. During the sith wars, he was hired by a sith master and fought against the Jedi, which would help him in later years. As such, he learned their techniques.