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Bounty Hunters
Bounty Hunters cont'd
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Ah, Boba and Jango Fett. A family of bounty hunters with a vivid history of bloodshed and violence.


Jango was taken up on an offer by Tyrannus (A.K.A. Count Dooku) to locate and capture his former pupil Komari Vosa. This search leaded him to Bogden, a burial moon, where he confronted and slew Komari Vosa. For a hefty sum(and the first clone produced) Jango agreed to be the test subject for the clone army. Thanks to the Kaminoians, Jango was given private quarterings in Tipoca city, where he belayed the art of bounty hunting to instruct his son, Boba. However, due to a faulty assasination attempt, Obi wan was able to track Jango to Kamino. There the two battled and Jango eventually fled to Geonossis. However en route, he discovered that Obi wan was following him, and a battle ensued. Unfortunatley, Obi wan still managed to survive and followed Jango to Geonossis. However, he was captured and was to be executed. That is, until reinforcements showed up, and a battle commenced. Jango joined the fray and struck down a handfull of Jedi. Unfortunatley, Mace Windu hacked off Jango's head, leaving Boba an orphan.
Boba was to become the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy, just like his father, under the rule of the Empire many years later.

A Bounty Hunter in his own right, Jango Fett was born on Concord Dawn.
Jango became an orphan when his parents were killed in a crossfire between the Mandalorians and their rivals the Death Watch. The commander of the Mandolorians, Jaster Merell, sympathized for the young boy and made him a cadet.
Soon Jango Fett had risen far in the ranks in this army-for-hire, but peace was not to last.
On a moon the Mandolorians ran afoul with the Death Watch, and Jaster Merell was killed by Durge. Jango was twice orphaned. Jango then became their new leader, and a few years later, they ran into the Jedi Knights while supressing a revolt in the Galidraan system. Who wiped out most of the mercenary army. Jango was made a slave, along with the other survivors by the Governor of Galidraan. For the next several years, Jango regained his strength and plotted his escape.
He then enacted revenge on his captors and regained his mandalorian armor. He is now one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy.



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