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Jedi and Sith cont'd
Empirial Warlord
Jedi and Sith
Jedi and Sith cont'd
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Bounty Hunters cont'd
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One of the coolest badguys of the new movies, Count Dooku is a Sith and former Jedi Council Member. Dooku also took up an apprentice, her name was Komari Vosa.


Count Dooku voluntarily renounced his commission from the Jedi council. He was a Political Idealist and believed the Jedi were weakening themselves by serving as corrupt an institution as the Republic. So, when he left, he banned thousands of systems together building up a growing seperatist movement threatening to split the republic. Dooku, when he left, had secretly been receiving training from Sith master Darth Sidious.During the battle of Geonossis Dooku fought Yoda,however, he was unable to find an advantage in combat. Dooku then used a toppling crane to endanger Obi and Anakin. As Yoda used the force to save them, Dooku escaped. He then met with his master to tell him that the Clone Wars had begun. Komari vosa is the picture to the right of Dooku.



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