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Dash Rendar
Empirial Warlord
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Dash Rendar

Smuggler friend of Han Solo, destroyed threat of Black Sun.


Dash used to be a freighter for the Empire, that is, until his brother accidentally destroyed a monument in a wreck. Dash was fired, and became a smuggler to continue to get money, and also partially because of his hatred for the empire.
He had no intention of joining the rebellion, that is, until he freighted some supplies to Hoth, during the battle. He was caught up between the two armies, and decided to aid the alliance to escape. He later had a run-in with both Boba Fett, and his droid IG-88. Dash's greatest achievement, however, was the battle of sky hook (a Black Sun battle station). He fought valiantly and destroyed the station, however, he was reported as killed in action, because it blew up before he got out. Wether he really died or not, however, remains a mystery.

Want to learn more about Dash Rendar?
Buy the old N64 game Shadow's of the Empire, starring Dash, to learn his story.